DATE: 24-03-15

Create a design system that distinguishes new IMAX experiences and products


IMAX delivers a movie experience like no other. From heart-pounding audio that combines pitch perfect tuning with endless sweet spots around the theatre and pin point accuracy, to awe inspiring images projected on to the biggest screens with unparalleled brightness and clarity, IMAX provides movie magic every time the lights go down. And now there’s even more than just Hollywood blockbusters for audiences to discover. IMAX has four incredible product experience offerings that they want more people to discover:IMAX 70mm Projection - Select IMAX theatres offer the IMAX Experience featuring 15 perf/70mm film projection which combines the brightest, clearest images at 10x the resolution of standard projection formats. To create this experience, the film must be shot using IMAX’s 65mm film cameras.IMAX Documentaries in IMAX take you to places you’ve never been: from the deepest trench all the way to outer space. All envelopedin the immersive quality of the IMAX Experience to overwhelm your senses.IMAX Live is an ultra-immersive experience to see live events in a big movie theatre. From specially filmed concerts, through to live Q&As around the world with your favourite stars, to sporting events, to comedy shows. IMAX Live provides an exciting opportunity for you to experience events in a brand new way.IMAX Enhanced offers the most immersive viewing experience outside of a theatre. It brings together best-in-class certified devices, remastered content and elevated streaming.The problem? People aren’t aware of these wide offerings from IMAX, and they lack their own distinct identity to showcase their individuality. And that’s where you come in.


Develop a brand design system to distinguish new IMAX products and experiences as unique offerings under the IMAX umbrella. You’ll need to create a brand new look and feel for both products that can live within the wider IMAX identity, but can also be manipulated and expressed in a variety of ways to fit the huge variety of work that these products have to offer. You’ll need to think about the whole brand journey, from the logo to the landing page to the in-theatre ident. You also have the freedom to redevelop the product names if you feel this would support your idea.


I did a lot of research on IMAX and it’s competitors to get a grasp of the brand and it’s challenges and opportunities. I realised it felt more like a technology company who delivered hardware than a brand who delivered experiences. IMAX takes you on an out of this world experience.


IMAX is about experiences, not hardware.


A brand who


their customers to

enter maxed out experiences together.

  • An explanation of your overarching concept and why it would work for IMAX and their audiences.
  • Your new logos
  • An ident that will be featured at the start of each experience.
  • A landing page mock-up that showcases how the identity would work online
  • At least 2 examples of how the brand identity would work on other platforms such as posters and social posts.
  • I instantly wanted different colors for each sub brand
  • Gotham Ultra felt like a good typography choice for this Epic brand. When the type is hidden by objects I wanted an outline of the type to shine through the object.
  • The icons was thought of as a flat representation of the 3D objects in the Idents.
  • I wanted the Idents to hit you in the face on visiting an IMAX theatre.
  • The sound of each Ident has an audience reaction sound, in order to make it about emotions and humans.
  • Everything from billboards, merch to SoMe posts are leading up to the experience of seeing the Idents in the theatre.